What to Pack For a Liveaboard

Mesmerizing view of a female scuba diver swimming underwater

Liveaboard diving trips provide an amazing way to discover the ocean! Booking these journeys through dive centers or hotels may offer day trips with dive centres; but liveaboard trips provide all your accommodation, meals and diving in one convenient place – typically three or four dives per day plus an evening dive will each last an average of 60 minutes each.

Most liveaboard packages include accommodation, meals and beverages as well as guides and dive shop services – making it the more cost-effective way to travel to a particular location. There are often specials throughout the year which make the cost even more reasonable.

Sleeping well on a liveaboard is key to feeling refreshed and ready for another exciting diving day ahead. Earplugs may help block out engine noise as the boat moves around overnight to provide you with restful slumber; similarly, eye masks may block out light so that you can get some rest before diving again the following day.

As your liveaboard will take several hours between dives, it is advisable to pack extra things such as snorkel gear, water, snacks and personal items that might come in handy. Furthermore, it would be prudent to bring an adaptor for the type of tank your liveaboard uses as well as plenty of spare diving equipment like o-rings, masks and snorkels for use during dives as well as additional towels and toiletries for onboard use.

An ample supply of sunscreen and sun hat are musts when traveling to tropical destinations, while closed-toe shoes will come in handy if you plan on exploring land during downtime between dives, particularly if there is plenty of rugged terrain to navigate.

Your guide can recommend the top dive sites and provide any pertinent details of the area, while many liveaboards allow divers to gain their Advanced Open Water qualification while aboard; meaning that in a matter of days you could move from being an absolute beginner to certified diver!

Liveaboard dive trips offer divers the unique opportunity of experiencing underwater scenery in peace and serenity, thanks to a crew that knows their home waters thoroughly. They’ll take you directly to dive sites not accessible by day boats – often beautiful pristine reefs full of marine life that provide the ideal chance to relax onboard and experience this fantastic underwater scenery in peace.

As life aboard a liveaboard may seem hectic at first, once settled it quickly becomes second nature and routine. Once underway, your perspective of the world changes as it comes alive beneath you; truly magical experience every diver should try at least once!

Edward Wright

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