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Hepatitis B

What is it?

Hepatitis B is a virus that is spread through infected blood & bodily fluids via contaminated needles and unprotected sexual intercourse. It affects the liver, causing jaundice and occasionally liver failure. It is the most common blood borne infection in the world and is a major cause of chronic liver disease and liver cancer. Vaccination is recommended for those at occupational risk (e.g. health care workers), for long stays in or frequent travel to medium and high risk areas and for those more likely to be exposed such as children (from cuts and scratches) and those who may need surgical procedures.

Vaccine Schedule

Routine – Three doses – Day 0, One month later than 6 months after first dose
Accelerated – Four doses – Day 0, Day 7, Day 21 then fourth dose 12 months later
Booster – 5 years after a primary course as above which gives lifetime protection
Combine this vaccine with a sterile medical kit for use in emergency to reduce risk of infection from other blood borne viruses - available at our clinic.

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